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Scott Linehan Needs to Go Back to Being a Coordinator

Forget for a moment how sloppy the Rams are on defense and special teams, but just consider that down 15 with 7:30 left in the game, Linehan whose team is 5-7, elects to kick it deep, rather than "risk" the onside kick. That Devin Hester returned it for a second touchdown is almost beside the point - what does Linehan possibly have to lose by trying the onside kick? They're down 15, the Bears have been moving up and down the field all day. Why not try to get the ball back with enough time to score twice?

In fact, if I were a coach, as soon as my team was mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, I'd cut the punter and kicker, go for two every time, do an onside kick every time with whoever showed the most aptitude for it among my defensive ends, and I might try an occasional 65-yard FG with whoever else had the best leg to try and get him the record.