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The Steve Nash of the NFL

Drew Brees is Nash, Sean Payton is Mike D'Antoni, and anyone who plays with Brees puts up numbers just like anyone who plays with Nash. And like the Suns who are good, but probably not considered good enough to win it all, the Saints are good, but likely in the same boat.

Devery Henderson, Terrence Copper, Mike Karney, it doesn't matter. Reggie Bush, Marques Colston and Deuce McAllister are like the Shawn Marion and Amare Stoudemires, but you get the feeling Brees, like Nash, will make a star out of whoever you pair him with.

I know LaDainian Tomlinson just broke the record for touchdowns, but Brees deserves consideration for MVP as well. I was actually about to argue that Brees would get my vote because he's turning around a bad team, and he plays quarterback which is a more important position, but I just looked up Tomlinson's other stats (5.0 YPC, 1427 yards, 52 catches, 29 TDs in 13 games). Tough to argue with that. He makes Shaun Alexander's 2005 seem quaint.