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Tom Coughlin's Poor Decisions

Now, it's not his fault that Devin Hester returned Jay Feely's missed 52-yard field goal for a touchdown, but it was a stupid idea to try such a low-probability kick from that distance down four with a lot of time left in the fourth quarter. Sure, if he hit it, it would have been great, but this is Giants' stadium with tricky winds, and even had Feely simply missed the kick, Chicago would have had great field position. It was 4th and 15, so you couldn't really go for it - I think you punt with Jeff Feagles who's been a great directional kicker and pin the Bears back. If they were down three, I could see taking the chance to tie the game, but four seemed like it was too much risk for the meager reward.

The other thing that was stupid was punting on 4th and 10 at midfield down 18 with 7:00 minutes left. I mean they probably would have lost anyway, but give yourself a chance! You score with 5:00 left, and you're down 11. Why punt and give up at that point? The Giants never got the ball back after that.