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A Couple Stupid Mistakes

The Raiders are down three midway through the fourth quarter and mounting a good drive. Andrew Walter completes and 16 yard pass on 3rd and 16 to Ronald Curry who easily passes the marker. The spot is terrible, and the measurement shows it's half a yard short of the first down. This is reviewable, and the replay clearly shows the spot would be changed. But Art Shell doesn't challenge the spot, the Raiders go on 4th and 1, and get stuffed.

This one is less, but still - Jon Kitna, 4th down with 10 seconds left in the game from the Rams' 37 yard line throws the hail mary out of the back of the end zone. I mean I know it's a hail mary, but come on, get the thing in play - the end zone is big enough to fit the ball into. No excuse for not giving your guys a chance to make a play.