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Tort Lawyers to Sponsor Hit by Pitch

I wrote in Charging the Mound about how LoJack sponsored John Buck being caught stealing down 7-0 in the sixth inning during one of last week's White Sox-Royals games.
And the more I think about it, the more absurd it is. It's one thing to sponsor a home run, or a complete game - excellence in sports linked to excellence at whatever the sponsor does.

But when you get literal and specific, like linking a caught stealing on the basepaths to being caught stealing a car, (or to catching a crook trying to steal your car), it's a slippery slope. Next, we'll have the California Tort Lawyers sponsor every hit by pitch. "This hit by pitch is sponsored by the California Association of Tort Lawyers - if you or someone you know gets drilled by a hard object, you can sue them for assault and battery." Or after two players collide in the outfield, "This collision is sponsored by Geico auto insurance - when you get into an accident, our collision specialists will..." "This pulled hamstring is sponsored by..." "This rain delay is sponsored by ..." "This terrorist attack is sponsored by..." Etc., etc.

Maybe RotoWire can sponsor the next charging of the mound. If we get an Izzy Alcantara or a George Bell situation, maybe I'll get some local Tae Kwon Do place to co-sponsor it with us.