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Low-End Properties

I bought Chad Orvella and Mike MacDougal for a combined $24 in AL LABR this winter. Then I bought Ambiorix Burgos for another $2, Dan Miceli with $28 worth of FAAB, and Shawn Camp with another $6 of FAAB. It's like having Baltic and Mediterranean, and Oriental, Vermont and Connecticut in Monopoly. The Royals are only going to win 60 games or so, and probably 35-40 will be by three runs or less. (And not all three run games involve saves (complete games, comeback wins in the ninth inning, etc.).

Tampa Bay can win 65-70 games, and earn a little more. The problem is I'm not sure my trio constitutes a monopoly. No idea who else would step in, but none of them inspire much confidence at this point.

Still, if the saves from those two teams are largely divided among those five, that $26 plus the FAAB should be worth it for 50 saves in a 12-team AL-only league.