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Watching King Felix

Watched Felix Hernandez pitch today. While one of his fastballs hit 99 on the gun, he hung a few breaking balls, and his pitches were all over the place. He seemed to be alternately nibbling, then overthrowing. Some of the breaking stuff was nasty, but it was ill-timed and often well out of the strike zone. He never had a rhythm and seemed to be pitching defensively much of the time. He didn't throw a lot of first-pitch strikes.

This was annoying because I own him in two leagues. One of them is my home league that I split with my brother. I said to him: "Check out Felix Hernandez today - he's the LeBron James of pitching prospects." (Note that "King" Felix and James both have the same nickname). The thing about James is that he's the rare super-hyped prospect who exceeded the unfair expectations set for him. I'm hoping Hernandez can do the same but after two starts this season, I'm having my doubts.

Can a 20-year old pitcher succeed in the AL? Is it even possible? Or is it like being a rookie quarterback in the NFL? Whatever the case, I'd like to see the Mariners get him to attack the hitters. Throw more inside fastballs, more first pitch strikes and trust his stuff. Today, he looked like Jose Contreras circa 2004.