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Adam Morrison vs. Pepperdine

Don't know much about college hoop, but went to the Pepperdine-Gonzaga game to see Morrison play in person. He was okay, but a little off. A couple Kobe/McGrady type shots, one when he elevated over two defenders from three-point range and drained it just before the half. But he's skinny and while quicker than he looks, he's no Rip Hamilton without the ball. And at 6-8, he's no Nowitzki, either. He does have a mean streak though, throwing a couple elbows underneath and not wary about mixing it up. Will be interesting to see how he does as a pro.

I was also struck by how small and not very physical Gonzaga looked in person. Their only physical player was J.P. Batista, and point guard Derek Raivio is listed at 6-3, 175, but looked more like 6-1, 160. I can't imagine them matching up with a rough Big East team in the tournament.