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Visanthe Shiancoe - Unsung Hero of Giants Win

While starting tight end Jeremy Shockey was limping around like he usually does, his backup Shiancoe made three crucial plays that allowed the Giants to win Sunday's game - and scarcely got a mention in the post-game story:

  • When Plaxico Burress fumbled, and the ball was loose, the Eagles Michael Lewis jumped on it, and Shiancoe, who had been hustling down the field, dove into Lewis just as he was corraling it, and helped knock it loose toward the end zone, where Tim Carter fell on it for a touchdown. If not for Shiancoe, Lewis recovers the ball, and the game is over.
  • On a subsequent drive, Shiancoe caught a pass that Brian Dawkins was able to simultaneously catch, and held onto it long enough to make it a reception and not an interception - I'm quite sure Dawkins is not a guy who it's easy to wrest a football from.
  • Finally, when Eli Manning was sacked (can't remember if this was in overtime or in the fourth quarter), it was Shiancoe who fell on the football.

Shiancoe literally saved the game three separate times. If any one of those plays isn't made, the Giants lose.