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Has Dennis Green Lost His Mind?

How can the Cardinals punt down 11 points with no timeouts and less than three minutes left? And how can the announcers not mercilessly get on his case for that? It's as if this game took place in a different universe. They're running the ball, and then they punt. Sometimes, coaches forget whether it's third or fourth down, but the only excuse for Green's decision is that he forgot whether it was the third or fourth quarter.

Also, what's up with Herm Edwards punting on the road on 4th and 13 from midfield with 22 seconds left in the game? One pass completion, and you have a field goal chance. If you turn it over on downs, there will be only about 12-15 seconds left from midfield for Denver. If getting into field goal range on one play is so tough, then why are you scared that they'll be able to do it?