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What a Stupid Game

What a ripoff that Giants-Colts game was. That b.s. offensive pass interference call? Those refs were the dregs of humanity - what a bunch of senseless fools. As a ref, rule No. 1 should be DON'T EVER MAKE UP STUFF THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN. They thought Carter pushed off because the defender slipped, but they didn't SEE it. If you don't see it, don't infer it. Err on the side of missing the call rather than making up a call where none exists. That was a key first down, and instead put the Giants in second or third and long in their own end. Ridiculous. Of course, that's not half as bad as the five or six calls they jobbed Seattle with in the Super Bowl, but it's the same issue, and it damages the game.

On a side note, Jay Feely really blew it when he missed that easy kick. If it were up to me, he'd be running sprints after the game. The Colts run defense really blows. I've never seen a team so consistency run with such ease.