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Vegas Summer League - Roy, Foye and Aldridge

Went with Dre' Snellings to the Vegas Summer League to catch some of the action. Saw Randy Foye match up against Brandon Roy - easily the two best players on the court that day. Roy is smooth, seems to glide toward the rim, and can stop on a dime and drain shots from multiple angles. Roy used his screens well, split double teams and generally handled the ball well and played under control at all times. He looks ready to average 16, 4 and 4 out of the gate.

Foye disappeared at times, especially early in the game, and while his handle looked fine, he didn't do much to get his teammates involved. That said, Foye's first step was explosive - and when he wanted to take the ball to the rim, he did so almost at will. He was also able to knock down some jumpers.

If Foye gets the minutes, he can avegage 18 a game out of the gate, but now that Mike James is on board, Minnesota has two hybrid guards who look to score more than distribute on the floor at the same time. Should be interesting.

LaMarcus Aldridge's calves are about the size of my wrist. He's going to have major problems guarding Elton Brand, Tim Duncan - even the Kurt and Kenny Thomases are going to push him around easily. And forget about him guarding threes - Aldridge has plenty of hop and length, but he runs a little awkwardly and doesn't move like a fluid athlete. Aldridge showed some touch around the basket, but mostly looked a little overwhelmed. He'll need to add 15-20 pounds of muscle asap.

Portland shooting guard Martell Webster seemed lost at times, but just when I was ready to write him off, he started burying the outside jumper and even finished strong on a dunk. I'd reserve judgment on him for now.