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Super Bowl XL Could Have Been a Great One

When the Seahawks were driving down 14-10 near the end of the third quarter (I think it was still the third), I thought to myself that this was going to be a great finish. Then there's the phantom holding call on the Jerramy Stevens reception at the one yard line, (man, for someone who talked trash, he sure dropped a lot of passes), and Hasselbeck's interception. Pittsburgh did make some great play calls while running out the clock, though (the third-down pass to Randle El, and Roethlisberger's sneak). But Seattle looked like they could more than hang with the AFC Champs save for a couple big plays. Hasselbeck and Roethlisberger both made some errors, (especially Roethlisberger), but both guys looked incredibly nimble out there. Shaun Alexander had a pretty good game, too, but his inability as a receiver does limit Seattle's options a bit - I got the feeling that if he could catch passes it would have helped. He certainly wasn't a big factor in the game. None of the RBs were except Willie Parker for one play. It's too bad the refs made so many bad calls, and it's too bad Hasselbeck threw that pick, because before that it looked like the game was going down to the wire between two evenly matched teams. I think Seattle was better than I gave them credit for - they were every bit as physical as the Steelers.