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Wednesday Morning Quarterback

Anyone who says Jamal Lewis is back didn't watch the game. That Atlanta defense is ruined by injuries, and it's not like he was all that effective away from the goal line. With the Hat Trick fresh in mind, go sell high.

I would say Chicago has no chance to go to the Super Bowl with Rex Grossman at the helm, but who in the NFC is going to beat them in Chicago in January? I say Dallas.

I refuse to accept Cincinnati's mediocrity. I know, I know, "defense wins championships," but no one wants to watch one and done Jacksonville in the playoffs over them, unless maybe you're an AFC team. Like last year's Pittsburgh, no team wants any part of the Bengals in the playoffs this year.

Drew Brees is the best fantasy player no one is talking about. Dude threw for more than 500 yards without his best playmaker and a clearly aging Joe Horn. Devery Henderson is two shades of awful. Terrance freakin Copper?! Brees is legit.

The "flex scheduling" wasn't supposed to work like this. It's Football Night in America – starring, Jeff Garcia!

For someone so "likeable," Tiki Barber sure does throw his coaches under the bus an awful lot.

Let me get this straight: Lee Evans, who wears No. 83, caught not one, but two 83-yard touchdowns Sunday?! Coincidence? I think not – this kid is special. The only thing preventing superstardom is J.P. Losman. A big obstacle, admittedly.

Nick Saban – The best coach during the second half of seasons in NFL history.

Good thing New England won't have to worry about playing at that pesky "Gillette Stadium" come playoff time.

Aaron Brooks looked dangerously close to competent Sunday; too bad that helps zero fantasy options in Oakland. At this point, you're more likely to see Randy Moss on a milk carton than you are catching an NFL pass.

I'm too young to have watched Jim Brown or Earl Campbell, but I've never personally witnessed a more physical running back than Larry Johnson.

FOSTER: Australian for injury.

Am I crazy, or is Jeff Fisher doing one of the better coaching jobs in the NFL this year?

The Inconvenient Truth – Frank Gore is a top-5 running back in the NFL.

It's impossible to explain the Chargers' offense being so potent, yet Antonio Gates being so irrelevant.

Can't wait to see which running back Denver selects in the first round of next year's NFL draft.

Remember when Mike Vanderjagt criticized teammates for not being clutch? Good times. Drinking before interviews is one thing; Vanderjagt should probably start refraining before games.